You’re invited to help us grow the Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin!

Do you seek to contribute to the growing sustainability movement in Wisconsin in new ways? Are you interested in sharing your experience and ideas? Do you believe that the current path for Wisconsin is unsustainable and you’re willing to help reclaim and protect it for future generations?

If so, you belong in the Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin, a group of state residents, businesses and government leaders who share your concerns and values.

And today we’re inviting you to join us. Read on for more information about our invitation, and follow this link to join.

The time is now.

The Foundation is about advancing the goal of Wisconsin sustainability in a variety of areas – a re-imagined sustainable economy, urban renewal and development, advanced transportation, agriculture, politics, environmental protection, and more.  When people in our State come together to share ideas, we form a true community.  The Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin, in other words, is about collaboration, shared values, and a stewardship-oriented endeavor. We believe that together we’re not only State residents, but also co-creators, stewards, and protectors of our State’s shared interest.

Today, Wisconsin’s sustainability movement is on the rise as it has become increasingly clear that “business as usual” is failing us, both economically and ecologically.  Residents, businesses and government leaders yearn to create a better State and to write a new narrative for the future.  As a result, individuals and organizations have begun to embrace sustainability as a concept and practical approach for transcending the divisiveness of our politics, for solving pressing issues, and for creating a more life-giving future.


Enter The Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin

At the Foundation, we believe that connecting our State’s individuals and organizations through this network will allow us to expand our collective knowledge; to incubate, replicate, and share sustainability initiatives with a wider audience and to increase the number of resources available to all Wisconsinites. Intentionally building this network will also strengthen our voice both in terms of our ability to advance practical solutions, and to commit resources for this work.


Who belongs in the Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin?

No matter the Wisconsin community, culture, or generation you come from, you belong in the Foundation if you:

  • Are a doer, innovator, experimenter, pattern breaker, paradigm shifter, solution seeker, problem re-definer, or risk taker.
  • Have accomplished goals with a shared-focus orientation, or are currently involved with a sustainability initiative in your field or community.
  • Want to share your knowledge, learn from others, and work in a collaborative and open-minded way.
  • Seek and experiment with new forms of sharing, participatory governance, or structures of ownership and belonging.
Join Us!

Does this sound like you? Then join the Foundation today!

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Join Us!

What Foundation members can expect…

The Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin will offer both online and in-person opportunities for connecting with other members, including:

  • Regular conference calls and virtual learning exchanges
  • Online Solution Labs
  • Periodic e-updates focused on Foundation initiatives and activities