February 2017

No 6 – Shed Light on the Vampire Economy

You know the story - vampire comes to town, vampire invites you over for drinks, vampire seduces you, vampire drinks your blood. It happens in Wisconsin all the time, just maybe not in the way you'd think. You see, although vampires can take different shapes (bats, wolves, mist) they all have one thing in common: [...]

No. 5 – Campaign as if Citizens United Didn’t Exist

Money in politics.  It's a central issue that has divided the republican and democratic parties for nearly a decade.  And as the seminal supreme court case that defined money as speech, Citizens United gave the über-wealth in America incredible electoral influence, near absolute power to drown out the voice of the individual, and the open [...]

No. 4 – The People’s State Supreme Court

In April of 2016, State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser announced his retirement, having served only half of his current 10-year term.  This left a five-year opening on Wisconsin's highest court, and by State law is filled by appointment by the sitting Governor. Prosser's announcement came only weeks after a highly competitive race was completed [...]

No. 3 – Good Government Requires an Independent Governor

There are three types of politicians: partisan, bi-partisan, and non-partisan. We're all familiar with partisanship - candidates and voters self-identifying as either democrats or republicans (or marginal third-parties).  Fit neatly into boxes, voters and their representatives can quickly figure out if there's a philosophical fit by putting a D or an R after a person's [...]

January 2017

No. 2 – Feed the Wisconsin Economy First

Idea number 2 in our "52 Ideas in 52 Weeks - A Path to a Sustainable Wisconsin" series is about building a more robust Wisconsin economy. If I could show you a way to get a 500% return on your investment, would you be interested?  Of course you would.  Now if I could show you [...]

No. 1 – It All Starts With Gratitude

At its core, sustainability is the effort to identify positive elements of our shared-life and our work to preserve them for the long term.  It's really that simple.  So when we start to think about which elements of our society we want to sustain, we first have to instill a sense of gratitude for the [...]

52 Ideas in 52 Weeks – A Path to a Sustainable Wisconsin

Sustainability means so much more than a healthy environment - it also means building an economy that works for prosperity and for the benefit of generations yet to come and it means protecting democratic institutions that ensure the long-term interests of all residents are protected. This "three-legged stool" - environmental, economic, and social sustainability - [...]

January 2016

Blue Jean Nation to Host Political Revival

A truly unique event is being held on Saturday, February 20 as Blue Jean Nation will assemble to brainstorm ways to revive democracy and citizen-centered politics. The Blue Jean Nation Revival will be held in Neenah at the Bridgewood Conference Center, located at 1000 Cameron Way, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. “We’re calling it [...]

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