The earliest settlers of Wisconsin built their homes and their communities with durability in mind.  Architects developed timeless designs, and builders delivered a strong foundation and support structure.

The same principles apply to creating a lasting Wisconsin economy: start with a good blueprint, construct a strong economic foundation, and build well-crafted policy pillars on top of it. Over the past several years, blueprints for a better economic model have emerged which can be used to create a steady state economy for Wisconsin.

More work needs to be done, and our Foundation for a Sustainable Wisconsin welcomes your contributions!  But the basics of the building are clear. The foundation consists of the defining features of the economy Рthe ideals that guide our choices. The support structure consists of policy pillars designed to fulfill these economic ideals over the long term. And the roof that is held up by this support structure represents the ultimate goal of the economy: sustainable and equitable human well-being.

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